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Colonialists ruled Uganda better - Matembe

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Woman activist and former minister for ethics and integrity Miria Matembe said Uganda was better off in the hands of colonialists than it is now 50 years after independence.

Talking at the debate dubbed “Uganda at 50”organized by Panos Eastern Africa at Imperial Royale Hotel Matembe said Ugandans can not continue blaming colonialism for their failure because colonialists did much better than their successors.

“After 50 years of independence, am still searching for a Uganda I would love to live in,” she said. “It is sad that 50 years of independence have left Uganda worse than it was under foreign rule.”

Matembe said the current government has put Ugandans in a prison of diseases, poverty and political unrest. “I have lived through all the regimes that came after independence but I have never seen such levels of robbery, materialism, selfishness and moral decadency,” she added.

Speaking at the same function, Forum for Democratic Change Vice President Salaam Musumba said the only thing that the Movement government has brought to Ugandans is disease. “Everything and everyone in this country is sick,” said Musumba.

She wondered what political system Uganda has, saying that the movement has disempowered a whole generation of leaders and created a disfunctional political system.

“Do we have a presidential or a parliamentary system of government?” she asked. She said what Uganda is celebrating at 50 is a total failure of service delivery where corruption has become a tool for dominance.

Bishop Zac Niringiye said this country will not solve the recurring problems if it doesn’t deal with the Museveni factor. “This country has a problem of Musevenism which has created fear, apathy and ignorance,” said Niringiye.

Presidential advisor David Mafabi attacked the speakers for projecting doom and suggesting post regime solutions instead of working to solve the current problems.

“We should not be looking for trans regime remedy but rather solutions for the present setbacks,” Mafaabi said. He said the challenges the country is facing are only inevitable and that the government is firmly on the road to consolidation.

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written by Valerie Tigita, March 23, 2012
Then don't complain when videos like Kony 2012 are made by foreigners. How sad! If all this energy was spent on solving the nations problems wouldn't Uganda be a better country? No country has ever developed on government programs. Individual initiative and community engagement supplement the governments work. The problem with Ugandans is that we like complaining about what we don't have, or who has what instead of using our God-given resources to bring about positive change in our communities. Change the conversation, people. We need positive psychology. What can we do as individuals to solve problems in our villages? Can we pool our energies together to build a library for our youth, etc? Let's think more positively people.

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